Armoured cat5 Applications

Armoured Cat5 Data Cable

Armoured cat5 cable is being installed in a forever growing variation of applications. As data networks continue to expand, IP based technology is continuing to grow. So does the demand for Armoured cat5 data cable. Our best sellers are the cat5e SWA Armoured Data Cable and the cat6 SWA Armoured Data cable.


armoured cat5

^ Armoured Cat5e (UTP)


Galvanized Armoured Cat5

Some suppliers in the market sell an inferior armoured cable which is made up of Corrugated Steel Tape. The Armoured cat5 and Cat6 cable we supply is G/SWA (Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured). We buy direct from a UK manufacturer we have worked with for a number of years. Due to the sheer quantity of cable we procure, we are able to offer a very competitive price.


Historically, the main applications we have seen Armoured cat5 installed over the years are; Ship Yards, Oil Rigs, Railways, Tunnels etc. We are now seeing a shift to more commercial enterprises like Offices and Schools. Installers putting in IP Video cameras where maybe wi-fi is not an option buy cat5 armoured cable. Also home use, home owners with an office situated away from their main house in the grounds of their home. For this use, Armoured cat5 is buried directly in the ground from one network point to another.


Armoured Data Cable is available in 2 forms. Cat5e SWA Cable, which will support network speeds of up to 1GIG @100MHZ. A Cat6 SWA Cable, which supports network speeds of up to 1GIG @250MHZ. The Cat6 version offers more headroom and supports applications needing more bandwidth.


The cat5e Cable is available in a UTP make up (Unshielded Twisted Pair) and a FTP design (Foil Twisted Pair). The latter is used in applications where vibrating machinery is close to where the armoured cable is running. The Cat6 SWA comes as standard with the Foil around the Twisted Pair. The foil acts a screening protecting the 4 Ethernet cables from noise and vibration.

armoured cat 5 image for home use