Cat 5 SWA Armoured Data Cable for home use in garden shed

Here at iCable Systems, we like to share recent success stories. In this blog post we wanted to share a recent armoured cable application and project. It goes something like this:

Our sales department was approached by James, he was looking for a small amount of cat6 SWA armoured data cable. His home project required the running of 75mtrs of cable. James had an internal home router. He recently converted an old out house in his grounds, into his own personal office. The only problem was that James had no internet connectivity in his shed. 

armoured cat 5 image for home use
armoured swa home application

Armoured Cat 5 SWA was easier than Wireless

Running a wireless link was not an option. The shed, or soon to be office was obstructed with trees and other buildings in the back garden. A wireless point could still be achieved. This would involve running a mesh style wireless system. This was just far too complicated for his home project.

What James was looking to do was connect an Ethernet cable into his router. The run this up to his shed. A standard data cable would not suffice. A standard data cable would not be protected against the elements. If the cable was run above the ground, it would be exposed to UV rays. If the cable was buried, it wouldn’t of been protected against rodents. This is a back garden, you could quite easily put a garden spade through it.

This is why James needed an armoured cat 5 cable. Actually, when James first contacted us, he requested a cat 6 armoured cable. The cat 6 version is considerably more atmoney. So first lets look at why James wanted a cat6 version.

James assumed that cat6 would offer him greater speeds. To a point this is correct, but hey this is a home application and a cat 5 armoured cable would more than do the job.

This is how we explained it to James:

Armoured cat5 & Cat6 Both Support 10/100/1000

Cat5e and cat6 both support GIG data speeds (10/100/1000). Explained, 10/100/1000 is MB’s megabits per second. 1000 MB is GIG speed. The main difference between cat5e and cat6 is the bandwidth. Bandwidth is headroom, the amount of data or video you transmit down a cable. A Cat 6 armoured data cable would usually have twice the headroom (bandwidth) of a cat5e. For a home application, this doesn’t really come into it.

If you was a major financial in the city and was concerned about future proofing, sure, cat6 it is.

So, after we talked James out of buying the higher priced cable, we then needed to look at termination. How was he going to turn the armoured cat5 cable into a data point.

To do this, is really easy and quite cost effective. First of all, you can’t really directly terminate a RJ45 crimp end onto a armoured data cable. So, we need something in between. For this, we used a cat5e coupler.

Run the armoured cable up to the coupler. Strip the cable down. You would need a mini hacksaw or very sharp knife to cut through the PE sheath, and the galvanized steel wire armour. Then you can strip the inner cable, as you would any standard data cable. Terminate the 4 pairs of Ethernet to the coupler.

armoured cat 5 cable terminates into a faceplate
face plate

You would do this by using a punch down tool. From the other end/side of the coupler, copy the same process with a standard data cable. Then simply punch down that standard data cable into a J45 plug. Then connect your RJ45 plug into a faceplate kit. Job done.

We provide a range of accessories that help terminating your SWA armoured data cable. Please see our termination accessories here.  

For this home application we supplied a 75mtr reel of Belden cat 5 armoured data cable. Belden is a well known name within structured cabling. All our armoured data and power cable is UK made. We don’t use cheap imported cable. Only the best

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