SWA Belden Armoured Cat5 Data Cable for a Farm Yard Installation

In our blog section, we like to publish success stories. We believe there is no such thing as one unique application, for installing Armoured Cat5 Data Cable. By sharing recent projects, we hope you find a similar installtion tips to help you. Ones that relate to your own Belden Armoured Cat5 project.

We get requests from all types of End Users, Schools, Colleges, Offices, Railways and even farm owners. If you think of a farm, its like a large End user site. Like most End user sites, the Farm owner needs the best network and cabling infrastructure. Below, we are going to share a recent SWA Armoured Cat5 Data Cable project. For this application the customer bought 3 x 100MTR rells of our Belden Cat5e SWA cable.

image of Belden Armoured Cat5

Which Armoured Cable to Use ?

When the Farm owner first contacted iCable Systems, he was not sure which armoured data cable to purchase. This is where our pre sales and technical team was utilized. The great news is, its a small selection to choose from. Our Data cable at the core, is superior made branded, high end data cable. We use Belden, Draka and Corning.

We can offer a cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a. We have a section here on which cable to use and the differences. This explains the differences between Armoured SWA Cat5e and Armoured SWA Cat6 and 6a. In a nutshell, it’s all about speeds and bandwidth (headroom). So, back to the project.

The End user, or farmer wanted to install 3 x Axis IP Video Cameras at the front and back of his farm house. Having a good knowledge of IT, he wanted to try and install the cameras himself. We always advise to use an experienced installer, but some people do carry the qualities to self install such technology.

image of the Belden SWA Cable

His first question was: ” Which cable am I best using, for my Axis Security Cameras ? Cat5e Armoured or Cat6. Also what is the difference ? “

This is how we guided him: A cat6 cable, is overkill for an IP camera installation at a farm house. Our Belden Armoured Cat5e can handle Gigabyte Ethernet. Speeds of up to 1000MBS (10/100/1000). This is ample for an IP camera.

A Cat6 cable is used when there is a lot of demand on the network (cabling infrastructure). Both cables can handle GIG traffic (so the same speeds). However, a Cat6 armoured data cable has more headroom (bandwidth). You can push more traffic down a cat6 cable. Cat5e typically runs at 100MHZ and Cat6 around double.

A Cat6 cable would be more used at say a large blue-chip financial End user, within an office building.

The project scope

The farmer had bought 3 new outdoor Axis HD IP cameras. The model he was deploying, was the Axis P1405-E. This was self contained in a bullet style external housing unit. The camera simply needed mounting to the farmhouse, then terminating with the armoured cat5 cable.

2 of the cable runs where between 70-90 mtrs and one was 40mtrs. The farmer wanted to directly conceal the Ethernet cable in the ground. There would also be some short runs, where the cable would exposed above ground.

The Belden Armoured Data cable was an excellent choice. It is made from a galvanized steel wire armour with a PE (polyethylene) outer sheath. This offered the inner Ethernet cable great protection. It would be protected if it was concealed underground. It would also be protected when above ground. The PE sheath protects against UV light and rodents.

belden swa cat5e image of blog

Terminating Armoured Cable

The farmer had a little comms room in his main building. Well, actually this was more of a comms cupboard. He had a 8 port POE switch, within the switch was 4 spare ports of POE connectivity.

Its useful to remember, any type of armoured cable is not meant for direct termination. With a standard Ethernet cable, you can simply strip the sheath. Then expose the 4 pairs of Ethernet cable. You can then directly crimp these onto an RJ45 plug end. So with standard data cable you can terminate the cable and make a long patch cord.

Armoured cable is made from Solid Conductors, you are not really meant to directly terminate crimp ends onto the cable. This can also be quite demanding, as the cable is not overly flexible.

The good news is, there are several ways this can be done. One of the most common is to use a Cat5e Coupler (also known as a junction box). You would strip and terminate the armoured cable into the coupler. The strip and terminate a standard data cable into the other side. Then you crimp end the lighter, standard cable. This then plugs directly into your camera, or switch.

cat5e coupler for swa belden

You could also use a cat5e jack and face plate. Another option would be to use a patch panel. You would terminate down into the patch panel. Then run patch leads out to your POE switch.

This is all easily done, a mini hacksaw, punch down tool and a few other bits and bobs would suffice.

The video below shows how to terminate standard cat5e Ethernet cable. This element of the termination will need to be carried out. Remember, the armoured cable, will have a Galvanized Steel Wire (SWA) to cut through first. A mini hacksaw or sharp scissors will do the job.

Lets recap. Well why not ? For IP camera, residential, farm yard and farm house installations, a cat5e Armoured cable option will do. Cat6 offers more bandwidth, but is probably overkill for such applications.

You can run a maximum of 90-100mtrs with Ethernet cable. Although with LAN extenders, you can now run up to 1000 feet and beyond.

This cable can be used for direct burial. It also offers UV protection for above ground running. This is a high end, branded solution. A Belden Ethernet cable is used on the inner. All our SWA cable is UK made in Manchester. We hold this cable in 2KM drums. We can also cut, to your own specific reel sizes. YOU CAN SEE THE BEST SELLING ARMOURED DATA CABLE HERE.

Do you need help with your own project ?

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