Best SWA Armoured Cat 6 Cable Price & Considerations

If you have entered into the structured cabling market and looking for an armoured cat 6 data cable, there are certain elements of the cable and quote you need to look into.

When weighing up your Armoured Cat 6 cable price, the most important thing to check is the construction of the copper cable. At the moment the industry is flooded with none standard CCA structured cabling. If you look online you can buy cat5e and cat6 CCA cable.

CCA effects your Armoured Cat 6 Cable Price

Copper Clad Aluminium is a cheaper way to make up the copper cores within the networking cable. This can have a big impact on your Armoured Cat6 cable price. If you are happy to install CCA armoured cable, this is not the site for you.

CCA has an inner aluminum core and outer copper cladding. All our copper cable used in Cat5e and Cat6 is Solid Copper.

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CCA is NOT SOlid Copper !

CCA is known to defect the cable, especially with runs over 40mtrs. It has also been reported that POE endpoints, such as IP cameras fail. There is an excellent article here from Belden on CCA cable and why not to use it.

Our Armoured Cat 6 is UK Made

In this post we are going to show you how the Steel Wire Armoured cable is made up and its properties. All our armoured data cable is UK made in Manchester. We work with a long established manufacturer who has been making this cable for over 20 years.

A Understanding on Cat5e V’s Cat6 can save you money !

Ok, so first of all you need to make sure you are not buying a none standard none solid copper cable. Hopefully you have read the above article by Belden. Next, take a minute, step back and ask yourself: “Do i actually need a Cat6 cable ?”

If you are a re-seller and have been asked by your End User for Cat6 cable, maybe put the question to them.

Right, so lets us try to explain as easy as we can. cat5e and cat6 will both support GIG ethernet. GiG is 10/100/1000. Those numerics are the data rates supported. 10MBS, 100MBS and 1000MBS. The latter is GIG. 1000 Megabits per Second is one GIG.

Are you with us thus far ? If not see this external page which explains 10/100/1000.

Is your network running on 1000MBS ? Most are running on less. SO, for many armoured cabling applications, a cat5e armoured data cable will suffice.

When is armoured cat 6 required:

  • When the End User has the money and just wants the best regardless
  • When the End User has future proofing in mind
  • When they genuinely have a physical network under a lot of bandwidth pressure

The latter relates to the main difference between cat5e and cat6 armoured data cable. bandwidth, or “headroom” as it’s known within the structured cabling arena. Cat5e data cable supports around 100MHZ and Cat6 supports 250MHZ plus.

Still confused ? we hope not, if you are, see our own page here with a very detailed explanation


Always Check

Make sure your armoured data cable is made from a solid copper core. NOT cheap imported CCA. Confirm with yourself or your customer that a superior cat6 cable is required (over cat5e).

iCable Systems cable is UK made in Manchester, we use industry leading manufacturers at the core. Belden, Corning and Draka.

Reach us at our local Manchester office

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