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Cat5e SWA Armoured data cable, Foiled Twisted Pair – FTP

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The FTP version of the sought after Cat5e Armoured Data Cable. The Inner Cat5e Ethernet has a Foil around the Twisted Pair. FTP = Foil Twisted Pair, used in applications where noise and vibration is close to the G/SWA cable. ISO and TIA certified, Fire Standard Approved (IEC 60332-1). MOQ of 100MTRS.  

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Product Description

FTP Cat5e SWA Armoured Data Cable

There are 2 popular Cat5e SWA Armoured data cable products we sell. The best seller is the standard UTP Cat5e SWA Armoured data cable. The UTP version is a regular cat5 Ethernet cable ( like used at the home or office). Then the Unshielded Twisted Pair is manufactured with the Galvanized Steel Wire Armour protecting the cat5e Ethernet cable. This version is the FTP equivalent. Foiled Twisted Pair is used in buildings where noise and vibration are likely to effect the performance of the cable. For example, running the Cat5e SWA armoured cable close to plant machinery. This type of application would require a Foiled Twisted Pair cable. FTP is fairly self-explanatory, you have a Foil protecting (screening) the 4 pairs of Ethernet (data) cable.

All Cat5e SWA Armoured data cable we sell on-line is Manufactured in the UK, we buy direct from the Manufacturer and stock 1000’s of mtrs of both cat5e and cat6 SWA cable. All cable is ISO and TIA certified and Fire Standard Approved (IEC 60332-1). Unlike cheaper Corrugates Steel Tape cables, this product is a high quality Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured cable. It is designed for direct burial and running in ducts and tunnels. Perfect for IP camera applications, railways, ship yards, mining projects and many more.

Technical Features of the Armoured Cat5 Cable

  • UK Made
  • DRAKA + BELDEN High Quality cat5e cable used
  • Solid Copper (not cheap + none compliant CCA)
  • FREE cable cuts and spun onto separate reels
  • Outer Diameter – 9mm
  • 24 American Wire Gauge (AWG)
  • Polyolefin Insulated
  • Low Smoke Zero Hallogen (LSZH)
  • G/SWA Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured
  • Minimum Installation bend radius – 12 x diameter
  • Minimum Installed bend radius – 8 x diameter
  • Operating Temperature Range -20 to 60C
  • Fire Standard Approved – IEC 60332-1
  • ISO and TIA certified

Once you run your cat5e SWA armoured data cable to your connection point, you need a way to terminate it. With a standard cat5e Ethernet cable you would either buy a patch cable, where the ends of the cable are already crimped or you would crimp a RJ45 plug to the end of your cable. However, armoured cable is not made for crimping RJ45 plugs onto. The easiest way to terminate is to use an In-Line coupler or cat5e Jack and faceplate kit.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Cat5e SWA Armoured data cable project, please call or email.

Armoured Cat5e SWA Cable installation