How to terminate armoured cat5e cable


Cat5e Coupler for Terminating Armoured cat5e Cable

A cat5e In-line Coupler is one of many methods and products used to terminate Armoured cat5e cable. Using a RJ45 plug directly onto the Armoured cat5e cable is not advised. Galvanized Steel Wire Armourd cable has Solid Conductors and its not advises to terminate an Rj45 plug onto. Don’t worry though, we have loads of techniques, products and help on hand.

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Terminating armoured cat5e cable – In-line coupler Style

The conductors of Armoured cat5e Cable are Solid. Therefore terminating the Armoured cat5e cable directly to a typical Rj45 Plug is not really possible. RJ45 Plugs are made for stranded data cable. Stranded cable is used for Patch cords therefore RJ45 plugs are also used for patch cords. For Armoured cat5e cable and Armoured Cat6 we need to look at different ways to terminate the cable. Typical applications include IP Camera Systems, Shipyards and anything from a muli-million pound new build school to a garden shed office. All these applications still require a method of terminating the armoured cat5e cable so we are able to connect our end point. What we need to look at are products that don’t include a direct termination to an RJ45 Plug.

The Inline Punch down coupler would have to be the most cost effective option for terminating your armoured cat5e cable. This approach is certainly not the most aesthetically pleasing. If you can hide the Inline Punch Down Coupler then design and looks will not be a problem.

What you will need for this approach.

1 x Run of Armoured Cat5e Cable ( hopefully bought from us ☺)
1 x Cat5e Inline Coupler ( as per this product page )
1 x Krone Style Punch down tool ( available from our shop)
1 x Length of conventional Cat5e Ethernet cable
1 x Rj45 Plug ( available from our shop)
1 x Test Unit ( To Test your termination )

The Latter is not mandatory. For this example we will use Points A and B as the 2 destinations you require your armoured cat5e cable to make a network connection. Point A you would buy this cat5e In-line coupler. You would terminate and punch down your 4 pairs of cable from the Armoured cable. Out of the other side of the coupler you would punch down a standard cat5e Ethernet cable. At the end of that Ethernet Cable you would terminate an Rj45 Plug. This then connects say to your switch or router at point A. You would repeat this process for point B and connect your IP Camera or create a network point for your office.


If you need help putting your system together, please call or email. We have friendly staff who can help.

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