iCable Systems is Part of Burgess Technologies LTD

A Distributor & Project supplier of Armoured Networking Cable. iCable Systems supply’s prestigious projects world wide. We work with a local manufacturer, established some 30 years ago. Our manufacturer/distributor relationship is 6 years old. Our partner manufacturers over 400,000 mtrs of cable per month. Our main supply is:

  • Cat5e SWA UTP & FTP Options
  • Cat6 SWA UTP & FTP Options
  • Cat6A SWA UTP & FTP Options

The Base Cable used for the above variations consists of Belden, Draka & Corning. All leading, reliable and high end structured cabling manufacturers.

The base cable is taken and then turned into a Galvanised Steel Wire Armour cable with a PE black outer sheath.


Our M.O.Q (Minimum Order Quantity) is 100 Mtrs. If your own project is some what urgent it may be best to call to check on stock levels. Typically when an order is placed it will ship the next day. We have a standard shipping charge of £20 on the website. For orders of 1KM and over its best to contact us for a quote.


This was a recent reel of cable we sent out – 350 Mtrs of Cat5e SWA FTP.

The wooden drum measured 850 x 470 and the total weight was 105kg.

A special request from the customer was to leave a length of cable out and secured to the drum. This was to help with the cabling rolling machine they was using to deploy the cable.


As stated above our MOQ is 100MTRS and we can cut the cable to what ever reel sizes your own project requires.


Our main supply is into projects that require a large quantity of cable. This could be 500MTRS or 5KM’s. These types of projects will never need that amount of cable next day. However, if you require a shorter length of 100 or 200MTRS, we will try and ship this for you within 1-2 days.